Oklahoma Teacher Requirments: Have They Changed?

Have the requirements to teach in Oklahoma changed recently? Have they been drastically lowered? If you scanned Twitter or Facebook this past weekend, you probably received mixed answers to the above questions. The social media storm centering on the questions followed a Friday news article claiming that Oklahoma teachers no longer need a college degreeContinue reading Oklahoma Teacher Requirments: Have They Changed?

POE’s Legislative Survey #1—Results

Professional Oklahoma Educators (POE) conducts several member surveys on important education topics and bills each legislative session. These surveys help the POE government affairs team understand the thoughts, concerns, and positions of POE members on important legislative matters. The survey results direct POE’s lobbying efforts and provide firsthand data to lawmakers. POE’s first survey ofContinue reading POE’s Legislative Survey #1—Results

Altering Professional Learning Requirements — HB 1593

Article Updated March 1, 2021 POE often receives reports that teachers are overwhelmed by the amount of reoccurring professional learning courses required each year — like the annual bloodborne pathogen training, for example. Many teachers would prefer to opt out of such trainings and pass an exam or simply take the training courses less frequently,Continue reading Altering Professional Learning Requirements — HB 1593

Vaccine Available to All School Employees Starting Feb. 22nd

Gov. Kevin Stitt, on Wednesday of this week, announced that all school employees will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as early as February 22nd. This development allows for approximately 89,000 public school employees, if they so choose, to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the next several weeks. In December, Gov. Stitt and SecretaryContinue reading Vaccine Available to All School Employees Starting Feb. 22nd

Governor’s Executive Budget Summary

A Glance at Gov. Stitt’s Budget Proposal (FY2022) Gov. Kevin Stitt’s executive budget proposal recommends a total of $8.3 billion in spending for the fiscal year 2022. Of this proposal, $7.9 billion accounts for recurring expenses and approximately $455.2 million is designated for one-time expenses. This FY2022 budget is “largely flat” according to the state’sContinue reading Governor’s Executive Budget Summary

Welcome To Capitol Corner!

Welcome to POE’s Capitol Corner! Capitol Corner is designed to be a one-stop shop for all legislative and political activities affecting education in Oklahoma. At Professional Oklahoma Educators, we seek to provide our members with accurate and relevant information so they can easily stay informed on important issues affecting the classroom. But communication goes bothContinue reading Welcome To Capitol Corner!