5 Reasons to Oppose Universal School Vouchers—SB1647

For the current status of SB 1647: universal school vouchers, please visit POE’s Action Center What the Bill Would Do: Senate Bill 1647 proposes a universal school voucher for all Oklahoma students. Under the proposal, students would be eligible to use the voucher for any private school or other education-related expense. The voucher cannot be usedContinue reading 5 Reasons to Oppose Universal School Vouchers—SB1647

How Many Bills Become Law?

How Many Bills Become Law? A Look at the Numbers Although the first day of the 58th Oklahoma Legislative Session does not officially convene until Feb. 1, lawmakers, special interest groups, and concerned citizens have been hard at work all offseason brainstorming, drafting and pitching legislative proposals. The final deadline to turn these legislative ideasContinue reading How Many Bills Become Law?

Welcome To Capitol Corner!

Welcome to POE’s Capitol Corner! Capitol Corner is designed to be a one-stop shop for all legislative and political activities affecting education in Oklahoma. At Professional Oklahoma Educators, we seek to provide our members with accurate and relevant information so they can easily stay informed on important issues affecting the classroom. But communication goes bothContinue reading Welcome To Capitol Corner!