School Funding Reform Bill Passes House Floor

The School Funding Reform Bill — House Bill 2078 — passed the House general assembly Feb. 24 with a vote of 68-30. The Funding Reform Bill, like its counterpart House Bill 2074 (open transfer), generated much debate. Given the extended duration of the floor proceedings, we have divided the video footage into four distinct parts for the sake of efficiency: (1) Bill Introduction/Amendments, (2) Questions, (3) Debate, and (4) Floor Vote.

House Bill 2078, briefly, modifies the Oklahoma school funding formula. It adjusts the per pupil funding calculation. Currently, school districts determine their total per pupil funding by calculating their highest weighted average daily membership of the preceding two years. Or to put it another way, school districts determine the overall amount of per pupil funding they will receive based on their highest enrollment numbers of the preceding two years. HB 2078 alters the calculation so that school districts can only use the preceding school year’s enrollment numbers to calculate their total per pupil funding. The bill also allows for a midyear adjustment if the school district’s enrollment increase during the year. Lastly, HB 2078 also increases the percentages of allowable general fund carryover for successive years.

If you are interested in the Open Transfer bill (HB 2074), please view POE’s Capitol Corner article: Open Transfer Act Passes House Floor.

Video Links for the School Funding Reform Bill — HB 2078

Bill Introduction/Amendments

Questions on the Bill

Debate on the Bill

House Floor Vote on HB 2078 (Video)

House Press Releases on HB 2074 and HB 2078

Oklahoma House of Representatives Press Release

Oklahoma House Democratic Caucus Press Release

House Floor Vote on House Bill 2078

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