Open Transfer Act Passes House Floor

The Open Transfer Act (HB 2074) generated much debate on the House floor Wednesday, Feb. 24 prior to its passage with a vote of 77-22. To view the video footage of the House floor proceedings, please follow the links provided below. Given the extended duration of the floor proceedings , we have divided the video footage into four distinct parts for the sake of efficiency: (1) Bill Introduction/Amendments, (2) Questions, (3) Debate , and (4) Floor Vote.

In Brief, the Open Transfer Act (HB 2074) would change a few salient things in the current student transfer process. First, the Act removes the set deadlines. It requires local school boards to consider inter-district transfer requests throughout the year. Second, it requires school districts to determine and publicly post their student capacity limits and include the current number of available student spots. And thirdly, the Open Transfer Act limits the grounds on which an inter-district transfer request can be denied to three main standards: the student’s attendance record, the student’s behavioral record, and the receiving school district’s maximum student capacity.

For more information on the Open Transfer Act, please view our previous Capitol Corner article: The Open Transfer Act Passes House Education Committee.

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Video Links for The Open Transfer Act (HB 2074):

Bill Introduction/Amendments

Questions on the Bill

Debate on the Bill

House Floor Vote on HB 2074 (Video)

House Press Releases on HB 2074 & HB 2078

Oklahoma House of Representatives Press Release

Oklahoma House Democratic Caucus Press Release

House Floor Vote on House Bill 2074

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