Welcome To Capitol Corner!

Welcome to POE’s Capitol Corner!

Capitol Corner is designed to be a one-stop shop for all legislative and political activities affecting education in Oklahoma. At Professional Oklahoma Educators, we seek to provide our members with accurate and relevant information so they can easily stay informed on important issues affecting the classroom.

But communication goes both ways. To best represent our members at the Capitol, we believe we must listen. During Session, we will continue to send out membership surveys to understand the position of our members on relevant issues and bills. We encourage all members to participate in these surveys and provide feedback. 

So, what’s changed? On our new Capitol Corner website, you’ll find the following:

Our Home page includes brief descriptions of our Government Relations Department and quick links to new and featured articles.

The Capitol News page is where all our current and past articles, interviews, and stories are stored — go here to start reading the latest news or browse older posts.

Visit this page to get to know the POE Government Relations Team. Currently this page includes team member photos and job titles — but don’t worry, it will soon include brief bios and a few fun facts! Or maybe, an embarrassing fact depending on the team member…

Looking for more info? Checkout our Bill page to view all the education bills POE is tracking. Our bill tracking list provides the bill number, a brief synopsis, the authors, and the bill’s current progress.

Need a refresher on the bill process? No problem — just follow the links on the page to review different facets of the bill process in Oklahoma.

Our Action Center is a new feature designed to help our members communicate with their lawmakers. This page will also host a few of our more targeted campaigns directed at specific policy measures and bills. Visit this page to contact your Representative or Senator and directly support our efforts at the Capitol.

Check out this page to find out more information about POE and discover additional resources and services like our Professional Learning series, “Teachable Tuesdays,” or featured classroom stories on our “I Love Teaching” blog!

A lot has changed, but you can still count on our Capitol Corner Update every Monday morning during session. If for some reason you do not receive our weekly Capitol Corner Update, please contact the POE office to update your preferred email address or re-subscribe.

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